High Performance Computing and Databases


We are the High Performance Computing and Databases (HPCDB) Research Group. This group has been working with different aspects of distributed and parallel processing of databases. Both classic and modern techniques for distributed design and query processing in relational database systems have been analyzed to address dynamic issues in high performance computing. Our current focus is on scientific data management, analysis, steering in high performance scientific applications.

Our group mainly consists of members from universities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, together with national and international collaborators. The research director of HPCDB is Marta Mattoso http://cos.ufrj.br/~marta from the Computer Science Dept of COPPE at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In this webpage, you find our publications, recent projects, and research interests. In addition, you can find our team members’ contact and a brief description on our main software developments.

Research Interests

  • Data Flow Management in High Performance Computing
  • Cloud Computing Scientific Workflow Management
  • Provenance Management in Distributed Worfkow Execution
  • Human in the Loop : Online Workflow Steering
  • Large Scale Experiments Supported by Databases
  • Dynamic Tuning of Worflow Parallel Execution